A Few Words About us

Lemon Game is a pass community-based game distribution and trading platform based in Russia. Game developers can develop and launch blockchain games on the Lemon Game, while users around the world can play games together. In addition, they can download, purchase, recommend and evaluate games, as well as trade digital goods and participate in game mining here.

Lemon Game is not only a game distribution and trading platform, but also a distributed high-quality player community. Lemon Game uses blockchain and pass to build a new game ecosystem, removing a large part of distribution and channel intermediaries, allowing game developers to directly target gamers, and motivating users to grow spontaneously through game mining.

Lemon Game will reshuffle the game industry and the way how the industry stakeholders work together and share benefits, including gamers, developers, distributors and investors. Lemon Game provides game developers with a more reasonable profit share model, motivates them to produce quality games, and enables players around the world to realize their ultimate dream: play to earn.

Innovation of economic model

Payment Tokenization(VC Token)
Rights Tokenization(Lemon Token)

Innovation of Business model

Changing the distribution of interests of traditional game industry
Based on Digital Currency to innovate new profit point and profit distribution mode

Innovation of issue operation

Token can encourage players to extend and to join decentralized game economic entity spontaneously, and to construct intermediate.

Innovation of type of organization

Our token can link players all over the world to organized distributed organization.


Characteristics and Advantages

The initial focus of the Lemon Game platform was to find good games for players and to find favorite players for the game. The Lemon Game created a distributed digital currency payment protocol based on Blockchain technology. The games on the Lemon Game are unified with the stable currency VC Token for payment settlement and global pricing.

The full name of DRM is Digital Rights Management. The Lemon Game DRM wrapper is an extremely important part of the platform. It is used to confirm the ownership of the game and ensure that the functions are normal before starting the game.

Lemon Game, a decentralized digital asset exchange, will solve the inefficiency problem that cannot be completely solved by the centralized virtual asset exchange. It will generate an efficient and frictionless market for virtual goods, and expand the scale of the virtual goods market.

To facilitate transactions, the Lemon Game platform created a distributed digital currency payment protocol based on Blockchain technology. The game on the Lemon Game is unified with the stable currency VC Token for payment settlement. With digital asset wallets, both parties can achieve faster, easier-to-use automated payments on the Blockchain network while maintaining the high level of security allowed by the Blockchain.

Lemon Game has launched a collaborative deployment of the cloud game platform. In the future, the background computing will be transferred to the cloud, and the network will be streamed to the local device, thus breaking the limitation of the terminal configuration and improving the market penetration of large games. Lemon Game will be the first to adopt 5G technology, and future game services will gradually be transferred to the Lemon Game cloud gaming platform.

The Lemon Game community is active with millions of core gamers, producing high-quality game-related content, including game reviews, strategies, game videos, and game topic discussions. In addition, a large number of game developers and game media people settled in the Lemon Game, they released the latest information and original content, bringing the most cutting-edge perspective to the community.

Lemon Game will create a complete personal database for players, including digital assets, game management, transaction history, player badge system and more. Unlike the centralized game platform, the data usage rights on the Lemon Game belong to the player individual, and the player can choose to sell his personal data under the premise of encryption.

The Lemon Game platform provides players with a rich mining mechanism, including mining platform mining and ecological mining of the platform's token Lemon Token, as well as independent mining of various games on the platform. Players can win Lemon Token and various game tokens by mining. Not only have fun, but also gain.

The Lemon Game platform provides game developers with a standard application programming interface (API) that developers can use to integrate features into their own developed game products.

Mission & Vision

Structuring pole of whole ecology of Blockchain game platform

From player to winner

  • Blockchain game issue and extending.
  • Official players community
  • Blockchain game specialized financing
  • Digital commodity creating and selling
  • Tool of lockchain game development
  • Game data storage in Blockchain
  • General game currency in Blockchain
  • Blockchain game shopping center
  • Digital commodity exchange
  • Digital currency exchange
  • Independent digital currency wallet
  • Players badge system
  • Game and ecology mining
  • Join Blockchain game mining
  • Join Blockchain game specialized investment
  • selling and buying Blockchain game and token

Lemon Token

Lemon Game Economic Model

Lemon Token(LT)

Platform equity token, the total amount is fixed, used for mining, incentives, trading gas, dividends, etc.

VC Token(VC)

The platform’s stable currency. Its fixed exchange rate is fixed with the French currency. VC can be exchanged with LT. It can be used to purchase game digital goods, and can also be used to reward players. Different player badge level reward mechanisms are different;

ERC-721 AND ERC-1155

Non-standard token is used to mark digital items such as props, equipment, and characters in the game. The platform's digital commodity exchange is free to sell.

The value of LT is mainly reflected in:


February 2019

Project Alliance formed to launch the Lemon Game Ecology Alliance concept

April 2019

Determine the ecological concept,characteristics,development plan of the Lemon Game

August 2019

white paper was finalized and announced (LT) issued "Treasure Island" released

September 2019

Treasure Island 2.0 released, "purchase shopping mall" "Hollywood Tycoon" release

October 2019

Eco-App Hollywood Tycoon release Launching Community Ecology Alliance

December 2019

Lemon Game Eco-Community Game Distribution and Trading Platform Released

February 2020

Expanding the number, size, and type of Lemon Game Eco Alliance applications